BICOM Bioresonance Therapy is non-invasive, effective and gentle.  It assists the body to reduce its toxin or stress load and helps to restore ‘self-regulation’.


Rose Bioresonance is part of a strong network with over 17000 devices in over 90 countries. The global organisation of BICOM Bioresonance therapists consists of doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons, naturopaths and private therapists. There is shared best practice and white papers covering all areas to bring you the best experience. Sarah Rose/Rose Bioresonance is fully trained by the Bicom accredited Institute in Germany, and fully insured by Balens Insurance ensuring that you have access to the best experience. The effectiveness of the sessions and the beneficial experience is enhanced by the skill of the practitioner.


Rose Bioresonance or Sarah Rose does not recommend Bioresonance as a replacement to conventional diagnosis or treatment, neither does it claim to treat, cure or mitigate disease. it is intended that this site presents factual information so that the Medical Professional and Patient can make an informed choice before embarking on any treatment.

How does BICOM Bioresonance work?


Resonance is a common phenomenon occurring for example in the matching vibrations of a tuning fork and a piano string.


Frequency inversion is less complex than it sounds.  For example, most of us are familiar with noise cancelling headsets, such as those used by passengers to cut out ambient noise on aircraft.  The headset reads the surrounding sound frequencies and returns an inverted sound wave to the ear, this diminishes the ambient noise and the passenger can listen to their music in peace.


The principle of Bioresonance is that everything, be it our body, it's cells and organs, or viruses, pathogens, foods, pollens or chemicals has a frequency.


Working at a biophysical level the device measures whether the electromagnetic or oscillatory field sent from the device resonates with the oscillatory field of a substance for example allergen, toxin, test ampoule, nosode, medicine or parasite.


Bioresonance therapy operates by picking up the frequency patterns in our bodies or substances with an input electrode. This is then fed via a cable into the Bicom Optima device. Once the relevant frequencies are identified the correct program is selected. The client then receives the corrected frequency via the output electrode.


Various programs on the Bicom Optima device stimulate and support the body's own defences to self heal, this could be by detoxification, strengthening or balancing the frequencies that have been identified. The low level electromagnetic frequencies from the Bicom Bioresonance device can assist and support the body's own regulatory systems.

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